vs-12 PPD

High-tech ultrasonic flow meter of flare, associated petroleum and natural gas of mortise and coil design

Main features:

  • Measurement of gas flow in reservoir pressure maintenance systems (PPD)
  • As part of valve blocks when measuring the consumption of natural gas in the fields
  • As part of the CCG of APG and natural gas, where extraction at operating pressure is not required
  • For commercial and technological accounting of various gases in production and processing
  • In medium and high pressure gas transmission systems
  • ⁠⁠Measurement of the mass consumption of fuel gases at the refinery (with the option "HCG mass")


Ultrasonic flow meter "VS-12 PPD" is a means of measuring gas flow for the following main applications:

  • Measurement of gas flow in reservoir pressure maintenance systems
  • Measurement of the flow rate of any gases with different physical properties
  • Measurement of molecular weight and mass consumption of HCG at oil refineries


Accurate measurement of gas flow in the range of flow rates from 0.1 to 45 m/s

The ability to calculate the mass flow rate, molecular weight and density of HCG and their mixtures in the range from 2 to 160 g/mole

Standard ultrasonic transducers or high power for a wide range of applications

Primary verification by the pouring method, verification by the imitation method is possible

Automatic or manual correction of calculations of the molecular weight of HCG adjusted for nitrogen content

Reduction of volume flow values to standard conditions according to GSSSD MR113 or according to GOST 30319.2-3*


Velocity measurement range, m/s 0.1 to 45 

Outside diameter of sensing pipe (D), mm

25 to 800
Maximal number of channels  2
Fluid temperature, °С -60 to 120
Fluid pressure range, MPa (absolute) 0,087-42
Flow measurement error:

with 1 pair of converters (1 beam)

with 2 pairs of converters (2 beams) 
Calculation range for molecular weights of HCG and HCG blends, g/mol 2 to 160
Environment temperature, °С -60 to 60
Output signals analogue (4–20 mA), pulse, frequency, discrete        
Digital communication interfaces RS232, Modbus RTU RS485, HART, Bluetooth
AC Voltage
DC Voltage
90-270 V (50±2 Hz)

18 to 36 V

Protection of electronic calculation unit as per GOST 14254-96 IP67
Ех-marking 1Ex d mb IIC T4 Gb

Sensors’ material

  • standard: 12Х18Н10Т

Electronic calculation unit housing material

  • standard: epoxy coated aluminum IР66; optional: stainless steel


  • two-line graphic OLED-display
  • menu in Russian and English

Certificate ТР ТС 012/2011

  • ТС RU C-RU.АM02.В.00487/21

Certificate ТР ТС 020/2011

  • ЕАЭС N RU Д-RU.РА01.В.38784/21

Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments

  • Registration number in the National Register of Measuring Instruments – 85350-22
  • Calibration interval 4 years

Measured parameters

  • volumetric flow rate under operating conditions
  • sound velocity and flow velocity

Calculation parameters

  • Volumetric flow rate reduced to standard conditions as per GSSSD MR 113 or GOST 30319. 2
  • molecular weight of HCG (hydrocarbon gases) and HCG blends
  • HCG mass flow rate

Inputs and outputs (depends on version)

  • 3 isolated analogue outputs 4–20 мА, 2 pulse-frequency outputs 0–10 KHz, Modbus RS-485, HART, RS-232
  • 3 inputs 4–20 mA with integrated power source 24 VDC to connect pressure, temperature and nitrogen sensors

Data logging (internal)

  • one-hour for 1488 hours (62 days);
  • two-hour for 2976 hours (124 days);
  • 24-hour for 186 days (6 months);
  • monthly for 120 months (10 years)


Manuals are available on request

  • Verification procedure

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