EN Automation – the leader in the market of instrumentation, specializing in the development, production and implementation of metering devices for the consumption of natural, associated and free oil, flare and other gases. 



Our Company is always open and glad to welcome talented and hard-working people.

by working in our company you will receive:



Our team is well–coordinated and effective. We are sure that with us you will get invaluable teamwork experience.

New skills and knowledge

New skills and knowledge

Our business is developing dynamically and every day sets us more and more new tasks. That is why we are looking for talented and energetic people who are ready to develop with us.

Confidence in the future

Confidence in the future

EN Automation is a large and stable company that has gone through all the crises of the new Russia. We take care of our employees and provide ample opportunities for career growth.


Key Account Manager


• Building relationships with the head structures of oil, gas, petrochemical companies and their divisions;

• Searching and working with potential partner companies;

• Development of direct sales;

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ARM/FPGA Software Engineer


• Support and optimization of existing software for controllers and FPGAs;

• Participation in the development of algorithms and software for various measuring equipment (in particular ultrasonic flow meters, level meters, etc.);

• Joint work on the development of new and optimization of existing products with circuit engineers;

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Electronics engineer, developer of electronic equipment


• Wiring (tracing) of printed circuit boards in 2 layers

• Prototyping solutions, debugging during testing

• Manual and automated surface mounting for prototyping solutions

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Design engineer, technologist


• Execution of drawings of products and their components

• Preparation of route maps for the manufacture of products and their components

• Preparation of working drawings of components for placement in production

• Development of guidelines for standardization of production processes

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Programmer of microcontrollers, C, C++


• Writing software for STM32 family microcontrollers

• Revision, adjustment and modernization of existing STM32 software

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CNC Operator


• Work on CNC machines (turning and milling group)


• Knowledge of modern cutting tools, cutting modes

• Ability to read drawings, work with measuring tools

• Knowledge and ability to write programs from a rack (for a lathe) and also from a rack

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