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The Vega-Sonic VS-12 ultrasonic gas flow meter is the latest modern measuring instrument, which in many respects surpasses imported flare gas flowmeters and their domestic counterparts. This flow meter was developed by Russian engineers using the most modern technologies, which made it possible to achieve high results and raise the ultrasound flow measurement technology to a qualitatively new level. At all stages of production - from the design of the product to its shipment to the consumer - we carry out control in strict accordance with the Quality Manual of NPP "Vega" LLC.

High accuracy of measuring the volume flow of gas (including when performing verification by the simulation method), calculation of the molecular weight of hydrocarbon gases, density, flow rate and volume of gas reduced to standard conditions are a natural consequence of the use of modern components, advanced manufacturing technologies, the use of own unique developments, innovative software, accurate positioning of ultrasonic sensors on the pipeline.

In the production of electronic circuit boards of the computing unit, we use modern electronic components. The core of the system responsible for the preparation and processing of the ultrasonic signal is the block of the Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), manufactured by INTEL for high-performance logic systems. FPGAs are hundreds of times faster than traditional microcontroller systems. This allows us to measure more accurately, in comparison with similar measuring instruments, the time of passage of the signal along and against the flow, and, consequently, the speed and volume flow rate of the gas. For more accurate detection of the ultrasonic signal coming from sensors, we have developed multi-front software, which, controlling the logic of ultrasonic signal generation, software and hardware filters, more accurately determines the time of passage of the ultrasonic signal. The use of FPGAS allows you to measure the time of signal flight with a resolution of 1 nanosecond and with an accuracy of 10 nanoseconds, which gives us a tangible advantage over imported analogues.

The high accuracy of precision time measurements is due to the fact that the core of the system (FPGA) is designed only to measure the time of signal flight. Auxiliary functions are implemented on modern and fast microcontrollers manufactured by industry leaders. The flowmeter implements a real-time operating system (RTOS), which is responsible for converting data about the time of signal flight into the form of unified output signals and unloads the FPGA, allowing fast and high-precision measurements. Thanks to the use of RTOS and the allocation of FPGAs for only one specific task, we not only increased the measurement accuracy and expanded the dynamic range, but also reduced the start time of the flow meter to 1.5 seconds from the moment the supply voltage was applied.

The reduction of the flow measurement error is ensured, among other things, by the use in the production of the latest high-precision multi-axis turning and milling machining centers with CNC. The edges of welded solid-threaded pipes (manufactured according to 5-6 quality) are processed for a specific outer diameter of the pipeline and the angle of installation to the axis of the pipeline.

Due to the fact that calibration of the plug-in flow meter on the flow meter stand (calibration installation) is impossible, the key to high accuracy of measurements is its correct installation. We have developed unique methods and means of controlling the stages of pipeline marking, positioning of welded pipes and their alignment, clearly described and regulated procedures for measuring the dimensions of P and L, performing measurements of the pipeline. The angle of installation of welded pipes to the pipeline axis is guaranteed by the manufacture of pipe edges for a specific outer diameter of the mating pipeline at precision metalworking centers. The maximum deviation from the design installation angle will be less than 0.05 degrees with strict adherence to the installation algorithm described in the relevant manuals. The alignment of the installation of ultrasonic sensors is controlled by a special laser centering tool. The maximum deviation when using this device (misalignment) is less than 0.5 mm per 1 m. High installation accuracy is achievable by following the manuals developed by us, which describe in detail and regulate each of the installation stages. All the necessary manuals, forms of measurement certificates and equipment for high-precision laser alignment of welded pipes are supplied by us complete with flow meters.

We feel a sense of pride for the equipment we produce. The high quality of manufacturing of flowmeters and their components has been repeatedly noted by our customers during acceptance and factory testing of equipment. The technology of measuring gas flow using ultrasound today is not only the most accurate and versatile, but also the most expensive in comparison with other technologies. We work every day to make ultrasound not only more accurate, but also more accessible to a wider range of customers. Already, the Vega-Sonic VS-12 flow meter is 15-20% cheaper than imported flare gas flow meters. We make new high-precision technologies understandable and accessible.

General manager

NPP "Vega" LLC

Cherkasskaya Elena Yurievna